Does It Matter Who Files For Divorce First In a Will County, Illinois Divorce Case?

Generally in Joliet or anywhere in Will County, Illinois, it does not matter who is first in filing for a divorce. The person to file for the divorce first is known as the Plaintiff or the Petitioner, while the other person is the Defendant or Respondent. It is possible that the party to file for

Can a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Stop My Wage Garnishment?

If you are an Illinois resident living in Joliet or Will County, Illinois and are currently having, or expect to have your wages garnished, filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy may stop the garnishment. Wage garnishment happens when a creditor gets a money judgment against a debtor in court. The judgment will then be sent to

How Do I Expunge My Criminal Record in Will County, Illinois?

If you live in Joliet or Will County, Illinois, and have struggled one way or another because of a criminal conviction on your record, what can you do? In 2010 Illinois passed the Criminal Identification Act which will allow you, or anyone you know with a criminal conviction to “expunge” that conviction off of your

Do I Need to Repay My Creditors Back in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

If you are a resident of Joliet or Will County, Illinois and are thinking or declaring chapter 13 bankruptcy, an important question that will weigh heavily on your decision is; do you repay your creditors in a chapter 13 bankruptcy? The answer unfortunately is, maybe. There are several factors that determine how much debt must

What is a Deficiency Balance in an Illinois Foreclosure?

A deficiency balance in a Will County or Illinois foreclosure is a remaining balance that is left over when the property is sold and the amount received for the property during the sale is not enough to pay off the mortgage loan. For example, if the total mortgage loan debt is $100,000 and the house

I found out I have a warrant for my arrest in Will County, Illinois? What’s next? Should I hire an attorney?

A warrant is a written order from a court directed to an officer of the law commanding them to arrest a person. There are two types of warrants that can be issued. The first type of warrant is a bench warrant. A bench warrant is one usually issued when a person has failed to appear

How Do Criminal Offenses Affect Deportation in Illinois?

A non-citizen facing a criminal misdemeanor charge in Joliet or Will County, Illinois, is subject to federal deportation laws. Under federal law a legal or illegal immigrant can be deported for committing certain criminal actions. Not all criminal misdemeanors in Illinois are deportable offenses, but many of them are. The first class of deportable offenses

How is Joint Custody Decided in a Will County, Illinois Divorce Proceeding?

In Joliet and Will County, Iliinois, joint custody in a divorce means that both parents may have maximum involvement in the lives of their children. Joint custody requires parents to agree and cooperate on all important decisions regarding the child. Some of these include education, religion and health care. A Will County court will award

What Is Considered ‘Beyond a Reasonable Doubt’ in Will County, Illinois?

The standard of evidence used for criminal cases in Joliet and Will County Illinois is beyond a reasonable doubt. In order to validate a criminal conviction the state as prosecutor bears the burden of proving all material facts beyond a reasonable doubt. This means that the proposition being presented by the prosecution must be proven

Do I need an attorney for a Will County Illinois residential real estate transaction?

Historically, the real estate attorney played a central role in all real estate transactions. And while real estate attorneys are still a prominent figure in commercial real estate transactions, their use in residential markets has declined across the U.S. over the past several decades. The primary reason for this decline has been the drastic growth