Should I File For Bankruptcy Before or After I Get a Divorce?

A married couple living in Joliet or Will County, Illinois who is considering filing bankruptcy and divorce will have many factors to consider determining which they should file first. These factors include how much property needs to be divided, how much debt the couple has and what type of bankruptcy the couple plans on filing.

What Happens if I Just Ignore Divorce Papers and Don’t Show Up in Court?

In Will County or anywhere in llinois, if you decide to ignore divorce papers and not show up in court, the case will proceed without you. Under Illinois law, if the spouse filing for divorce can prove that there are “grounds” for a divorce, the divorce will proceed. You will not go to jail or

Can We Use the Same Attorney in a Will County, Illinois divorce proceeding?

In Joliet, Will County and across Illinois, spouses are prohibited from using the same attorney in a divorce proceeding. There are typically no exceptions to this rule. It is simply unethical for an attorney to represent two people with competing interest and they are not allowed to do so. Even if the parties agree on

Does It Matter Who Files For Divorce First In a Will County, Illinois Divorce Case?

Generally in Joliet or anywhere in Will County, Illinois, it does not matter who is first in filing for a divorce. The person to file for the divorce first is known as the Plaintiff or the Petitioner, while the other person is the Defendant or Respondent. It is possible that the party to file for

How is Joint Custody Decided in a Will County, Illinois Divorce Proceeding?

In Joliet and Will County, Iliinois, joint custody in a divorce means that both parents may have maximum involvement in the lives of their children. Joint custody requires parents to agree and cooperate on all important decisions regarding the child. Some of these include education, religion and health care. A Will County court will award

What is ‘maintenance’ in a Will County, Illinois divorce proceeding?

“Maintenance” is the very same thing as alimony in a divorce; we simply don’t call it that anymore. Maintenance is also sometimes referred to as “spousal support.” It is a court-ordered provision paid to one spouse by the other upon divorce, often in fixed intervals for a finite amount of time. Contrary to common belief,

What is the difference between ‘full custody’ and ‘joint custody’ in an Illinois divorce proceeding?

There are two types of child custody in Illinois: sole custody (a.k.a. “full” custody) and joint custody. Custody issues often take center stage in divorce proceedings and may also cause disagreements between unmarried parents. The ferocity of some custody disputes is unsurprising since a parent’s custodial status essentially dictates whether that parent gets any say