Driving On a Suspended License Has Serious Consequences

  • Minimum Class A Misdemeanor
  • Up to 364 Days in Jail
  • Fines up to $2,500
  • Depending on why the license is suspended mandatory minimum jail time.
  • Community Service
  • Further License Suspension

Why Should You Hire a Lawyer?

Often times prosecutors in Joliet, will County or beyond will not give a fair shake to a defendant without a lawyer on suspended license charges. Law is very technical and there may be a simple way to reduce or dismiss the case. A good Joliet Driving on Suspended Lawyer can help take care of your suspended license without long term negative consequences. We have seen too many defendants just go into court alone and take what the prosecutors give them. If in the unforeseen circumstances they are pulled over again for the same violation, then they are in serious trouble with sometimes certain jail time. We are experienced in handling driving on suspended tickets in Joliet, Will County and beyond. We charge affordable fees and make sure our treated fairly. We have an excellent success record of often getting our clients cases dropped. Please call experienced, affordable Will County driving on suspended lawyers at 815.729.9220 or email us.