Do I need a lawyer for my work injury?

The best time to hire a Joliet workers’ compensation lawyer is as soon as you are injured. Fortunately for the client, he or she pays the same amount in fees no matter when they hire representation. So, the best decision an injured worker can make is to hire a local Joliet workers’ compensation lawyer right away. There are many reasons for this. A good workers’ compensation lawyer can help guide you through the complicated system and help protect your rights.

The number one reason many claims get denied are because the injured worker did not notify his or her insurance company in time. It is important to have a Joliet attorney file your claim immediately so this argument cannot affect your case. When you file, your case it is assigned to an Arbitrator. So, for example, if you lose your benefits or they are wrongfully denied, you can quickly have your argument heard in front of an Arbitrator, where your attorney can fight for your rights.

Often, injured workers are afraid that their employers will get mad or fire them for filing a workers’ compensation case. It is important to know that firing someone for simply filing a claim is illegal. For the client’s peace of mind, lawyers rarely deal with employers, rather we negotiate with insurance companies. We know you care about your job. A good workers’ compensation attorney will protect your employment.

It is further important to contact a local workers’ compensation attorney even if you have been fired ‘for cause’ and may not believe you are entitled to benefits. The Illinois Supreme Court has held that employers owe temporary disability benefits to employees injured on the job who are subsequently “fired for cause.” While this is just one instance of the Illinois Supreme Court taking the side of an injured worker, and not one that applies to all cases, it is important as it highlights the fact that benefits are often available in situations where an employee may believe otherwise. A good Will County workers’ compensation attorney is on top of recent Illinois decisions and will fight for compensation for injured employees.