Five Tips if You are Injured on the Job in Illinois

1. Get medical treatment.

Your health is first concern. Further, seeing a doctor immediately can only help move along your workers’ compensation case with our Will County lawyers. Never try to tough it out and risk the possibility of making your injury worse. If you get hurt at work, your medical expenses are covered 100%, as long as they are reasonable and related to your injury. If you wait for treatment, the insurance company may try to claim that your injury did not happen at work. The longer you wait, the harder your case is to prove.

2. Immediately notify your employer.

You have 45 days to notify your employer of a work injury. If possible, immediately call our Joliet workers’ compensation attorneys as we can give notice to your employee immediately by filing your claim. Never wait until day 44. Reporting your injury immediately starts the benefits process. If you miss the 45 day deadline it can be a basis for denying benefits. Report the injury to your supervisor immediately (in writing if possible).

3. Keep records.

Keep clean records in a “diary” and show your notes to your Will County Workers’ Compensation attorney. Include: how you were injured, who witnessed the injury, when and how you notified your employer, when you saw a doctor, what the doctor said, what the insurance company has told you, how is your injury affecting you, is the injury getting better or worse, etc. Keeping a journal will help as it is much easier to rely on written records than on your memory.

4. Hire the right Joliet attorney.

Find someone who focuses their practice on representing injured workers. They will be familiar with the laws, as well as the Workers’ Compensation Commission and the people who work there, including the arbitrators making the final decisions in your case. Your Will County attorney’s reputation and personal relationships give you an advantage.

5. Be honest.

Inconsistencies can hurt your case. Be honest from the beginning about how you were injured. When you meet with your Joliet attorney, be sure to tell them the entire story. A Will County attorney who is fully informed is in a much better position to help you. Further, always keep them up to date on any changes in your case, including your health.