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If you need a Will County attorney to help you with a bankruptcy, traffic violationDUI, criminal chargereal estate transaction, personal injury, divorce, child custody, visitation, or any other aspects of family law or legal matters please call or e-mail our Joliet, Illinois law office today. We thank you for visiting our site and look forward to serving you!

Spanish Speaking Joliet Attorneys & Staff

We offer Spanish speaking attorneys and staff for those who may not speak English or feel more comfortable speaking Spanish.

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Personal Injury

Were you or a loved in an accident that caused injury? We can fight for fair compensation for your injury.



Having trouble with credit card, mortgage payments, medical bills or loans? We can provide a fresh start.


Criminal Law

We can fight for your freedom and a clean record if you were charged with a criminal felony or misdemeanor.


Traffic - DUI

We have helped 100s of clients walk away from traffic and DUI charges with no convictions.


Family Law

We can provide you with diligent representation in your divorce, custody, or child support case.


Real Estate

Buying or selling residential or commercial real estate? We can help protect your interests.

About Hamilton & Antonsen
Extraordinary Will County Legal Representation

We do not believe in the old, stuffy model of what a Joliet law firm ‘should’ be. We are an innovative law firm that believes by using technology with a focus on efficiency that we can help keep legal fees affordable for our clients while also providing a competitive edge that other Will County law firms often lack. Our Will County lawyers and staff were born and raised in the same neighborhoods we serve. Our community is important to us, therefore we treat every legal matter with the utmost care and concern.

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Hamilton & Antonsen
Law News

Will Filing Bankruptcy Affect My Future Credit?

The decision to declare bankruptcy is no doubt a difficult one. The concern for most people is what consequences bankruptcy will have on their credit score. To avoid any surprises that may arise as a result of declaring bankruptcy, Illinois residents must understand...

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Marital Property in Illinois

When you get married, you are not contemplating divorce. Unfortunately, a large percentage of marriages end in divorce. During divorce, one of the biggest concerns is often the division of property between the two former spouses. In order to determine which party gets...

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