Driving without in insurance in Joliet or Will County, Illinois could result in some very high fines. The minimum fine for traffic in Illinois is $500 for a first time offense. The maximum fine is $1,000 for a first time offense. An Illinois’ resident who is fined for driving without insurance will also have his/her license plate (on the uninsured car) suspended for 3 months. In order to reinstate the license plate, an Illinois resident will have to appear in court, prove the car is now insured and pay a $100 reinstatement fee.

There are other options for a Joliet or Will County resident as well. Illinois’ mandatory insurance law specifically allows for dispositions of court supervision, as opposed to convictions, under certain circumstances. The law states that if you have not previously been convicted of or placed on court supervision for violating the insurance law, and you prove at your court appearance that the vehicle currently is covered by insurance, then you will be granted court supervision and fined only $100.00. Note that a person only needs to show that the car is currently insured, not that it was insured during the time of the violation.

If a person does not qualify for supervision and cannot afford an uninsured motorist ticket, they are left with 2 options. These options are to pay the fine without going to court, or go to court to pay the fine. The Will County clerk explains that if a person does go to court the violator could have thier fines reduced to $250. Also, a Joliet or Will County resident can also make a payment plan with the judge when they are in court. These options are not available to those who do not attend their court dates.

There are many potential benefits to attending your court date. Many of these benefits are circumstantial but can be very helpful to an Illinois resident who has recently been ticketed. If you or someone you know has received a ticket for driving without insurance and live in Will County or Joliet, Illinois, contact Hamilton & Antonsen at 815.729.9220 to set up a free consultation.