In Joliet, Will County and across Illinois, spouses are prohibited from using the same attorney in a divorce proceeding. There are typically no exceptions to this rule. It is simply unethical for an attorney to represent two people with competing interest and they are not allowed to do so. Even if the parties agree on everything in the divorce, they still will not be able to use the same attorney. In that occasion, the parties could choose to waive their right to legal representation and represent themselves, which is called going pro se. Going pro se is a decision that should be made after much thought and consideration of all that is at stake in the divorce proceedings. Sometimes the choice of a party to go pro se can put them at a disadvantage. A person must remember that attorneys are duly trained and equipped with the necessary knowledge of the law, procedures and local rules and practices.

In sum, spouses are required to secure separate legal counsel in a divorce proceeding. If you are going through a divorce in Joliet or Will County, Illinois and need legal representation or are contemplating filing for a divorce and need some legal advice or assistance, contact Hamilton & Antonsen at 815.729.9220 to set up a free consultation with an experienced Will County divorce attorney.