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Both parents have an obligation to financially support their child or children. In cases of divorce or unwed parents, the Will County court may have to dictate an appropriate amount of child support that should be paid by one parent to the other for the child’s care and well-being. In some cases, circumstances may arise where the parent paying support falls behind and owes support in arrears. Whether you need assistance in the determination of support or help with the enforcement or defense of arrearage in your child’s support payments, the experienced Will County Divorce lawyers at Hamilton & Antonsen in Joliet are here to help.

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How is Child Support Calculated?

Child support is calculated using a complicated system dictated by Illinois law. The Will County courts use an income shares model that looks at the incomes of both parents, how many children are being supported, and how much time each parent spends with the child(ren). Considerations like the child’s standard of living, physical, educational, and emotional needs, along with the financial resources available are all factored into the calculation. Our Will County child support lawyers can ensure that the child support determined in your case is not too much or too little for your child’s needs.

Child Support Arrearages

When a parent paying child support falls behind in their payments, it is known as being in arrears. A parent who is owed child support in Will County can seek enforcement for arrearages in many different ways. The first is through income withholding, where the money is taken out of each paycheck of the parent in arrears. The parent in arrears can also be held in contempt of court or have their driver’s license suspended if they fall too far behind in child support payments. Professional licenses like a medical or law license may also be suspended until the child support is paid.

Our Joliet divorce lawyers enforce child support payments in Court. We also defend clients who are in child support arrearage. Our Will County family law attorneys have the experience you need if you are either owed child support or if you are the parent in arrears. We understand the importance of receiving your due child support. Our Joliet lawyers also understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise which make it difficult to continue paying child support at its current level. Hamilton and Antonsen’s Will County child support lawyers will work with you and the court to modify payments if a substantial change in circumstances has occurred. It is important to remember that you have legal options in these situations and that an experienced Joliet family law attorney can help.

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