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What to do if you have been accused of committing burglary or robbery in Will County, Illinois

If you or someone you know has been accused of committing burglary or robbery in Will County, having an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side to protect and defend your rights throughout the process is key. At Hamilton & Antonsen in Joliet, our team of highly qualified legal professionals is ready to zealously advocate for you in a burglary or robbery case. Call the office or contact us today to schedule a free evaluation of your case.

What is the Difference Between Burglary & Robbery?

Under Illinois law, burglary and robbery are two separate offenses. A person can be charged with burglary for unlawfully entering another person’s property without permission and with the intent to steal. This means that even if no property is taken, a person can still be convicted of burglary if the intent to take something is proven.

Robbery occurs when one person uses force or threats of force to steal items from another person. This applies to personal property items except for vehicles, which is classified as its own separate offense. Robbery charges can be elevated to an aggravated offense if it is alleged that the person charged used a gun, knife, or other weapon during the commission of the crime.

Penalties for a Burglary or Robbery Conviction in Will County

The consequences of a burglary or robbery charge will permanently affect the rest of a person’s life. Convictions for both burglary and robbery are a Class 2 Felony offenses in Illinois, which comes with a prison sentence of between three and five years as well as a fine up to $25,000 plus restitution of the stolen items. For a robbery conviction, if the victim was disabled or over the age of 60, or if the robbery took place at a school or place of worship, the charge is elevated to a Class 1 Felony offense, which increases the prison term to between four and 15 years.

In addition to the prison time, fines, and restitution, there are additional consequences for a burglary or robbery conviction. A conviction means a permanent criminal record and labels the person as a felon for the rest of their life. This has major impacts on the ability to vote, possess a firearm, and the conviction will appear on all background checks for jobs, housing, and school.

Do I Need an Experienced Will County Criminal Defense Attorney?

From the moment you are suspected of committing a burglary or robbery, you need an expert in Illinois criminal defense law on your side. An experienced Joliet criminal defense attorney can defend your rights during interrogation with police and prosecutors, advocate on arraignment, and craft the best possible arguments for your defense in court. Do not leave your freedom and your future to chance.

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