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Hiring a Will County Criminal Defense Attorney

there are a number of factors to consider when hiring a Joliet or Will County criminal attorney

When people ask me what they should look for in hiring a Joliet or Will County criminal attorney, I tell them there are a number of factors to consider.

  • Do you feel comfortable with the attorney when you meet them face-to-face?
  • Is this attorney going to spend the time necessary to understand the particulars of your case?
  • Are they up front with you about what you can expect in terms of potential outcomes, and the risks involved?

Additional things to consider when beginning your search:


There simply is no substitute for hands on experience in a Will County criminal courtroom. It is by far the most important consideration in choosing a criminal lawyer. Every case is different, as are the personalities of each, judge, prosecutor and law enforcement officer. It is important to hire a local Joliet or Will County lawyer who knows and understands the workings of the local courtroom. We fit this bill.

Avoid Attorneys Who Promise Outcomes

Criminal attorneys are seldom assured of any particular outcome in a case. We operate in a field that is filled with uncertainty. We can, however, offer you a forecast of what to expect when your case goes to court. We never make outrageous promises so we can get your money. We are truthful and up front about every case. We have built our reputation in Will County by being honest and hard working.

Street Smarts

Common sense and how the real world works is important. We are a people-based practice area, and have to understand practical realities. A grasp of legal statutes is critical, but criminal lawyers spend far more time with real people than holed up in law libraries. You will see right away that we are common sense lawyers who understand the ‘real world.’

Communication Skills and Listening

Look for a Joliet attorney that can explain the law to you in easy to understand terms. Does the attorney listen to your story without interruptions? Does he or she explain to you possible defenses you may have to a particular charge? If you come away from an initial consultation feeling befuddled or misunderstood, look for another lawyer. We listen to our clients.

Someone Who is Not Afraid to Go to Trial

The client always controls the decision of whether to accept a plea offer or go to trial. Plea bargaining often results in the best possible outcome for a client. Good things, however, can also come from forcing the State to prove its case. Let your intuition tell you whether this is an attorney you can go into battle with. We are not afraid of trial in a Will County or Cook County courtroom.


The attorney client relationship requires trust based on an oath of confidentiality. If you have any questions about a lawyer’s integrity or ability to keep privileged communications confidential, move on. We take confidentiality seriously.


Always look for a criminal attorney who practices mainly in the county where you are charged. Counties in Illinois vary widely in how they deal with crimes such as DUI, domestic assaults, and simple speeding tickets. They also can be notoriously inhospitable to outside lawyers.

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