Most Joliet workers who are injured in Will County are not aware of their rights. A good Joliet or Will County workers’ compensation lawyer can help, but read below first so you understand what you are entitled to. If you suffer a work-related injury you are entitled to:

  1. Temporary Disability Payments: While off work due to an accident, your employer is obligated to pay you 67% of your weekly pay.
  2. Your choice of Doctors: . You may see 2 doctors of your choice and your employer must pay all reasonable and necessary medical expenses of these doctors. If these two doctors of your choice refer you to other doctors, your employer must pay the bills from these doctors too.
  3. Permanent disability benefit:. You are entitled to permanent disability benefits This represents a settlement for your permanent injuries. This permanent disability settlement is based on a formula taking into consideration the worker’s wages and body part(s) affected. It is vital to wait until your medical treatment has ceased and you are medically released by your doctor before accepting a settlement. If you settle too soon, you may not be settling for your “full” injury.
  4. Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits: If you cannot return to you former job because of limitations caused by your work injury, you are entitled to assistance in finding subsequent employment. Vocational rehabilitation returns you to the employment market. Methods of this rehabilitation includes retraining in a manner that you acquire the skills necessary to return to gainful employment.

There are good local Will County workers’ comp attorneys who can help you get the compensation you and your family deserve. Hamilton and Antonsen is one example of a Will County workers’ comp law firm who can help win your case and get you maximum dollar for your injury. Once you hire the right lawyer, there isnt much else for you to do, but continue to follow your treatment and provide you attorney with the information he or she requests. Good luck! Contact Hamilton & Antonsen today.